What & Why

I pick up scraps, fragments, bits, rubbish, news, tickets, cultural, political and my own events, leftovers and recycled work from my studio and use this in my collage work.  .


I  force these  fragments  from everyday life into a fixed geometric composition, simplifying and distorting them in the process, making new meanings and new stories. Like a neverending Netflix series with endless episodes, documenting present life as it happens.

I work with collage and acrylics, often in pairs, and always in series, playing the same tune over and over again but different every time. Folllowing a set of rules and then disobeying them.

It has become a part of the artistic practice not to buy new stuff, but use what I have, find and inherit.








hilde 01

Hilde Cathrine Kjepso

Visual artist


Phone: +47 41 27 78 64

Studio address

Hagakollen 10a, 1387 Asker