HILDE CATHRINE KJEPSO works with collage, painting and drawing. She operates by self-imposed rules in her collages named ‘Poems’, which can resemble floor plans – with strips, shapes and fragments from paper leftovers set against each other. There are layers on layers, and cancellations of cancellations, reflecting both the self-doubt of the artist, time and maybe the spirit of today. A repeating structural theme is the use of two squares in a specific arrangement. An interest in contemporary life, world crises, music and art itself is subtly present in the works, which also point back to Bauhaus aesthetics and the ‘cut-up writing’ of the Dadaists. The paintings have emerged from the collages, sometimes going more up-close or just being a new and more lasting version of the collage composition, also shown together to raise questions of original and copy, real and fake. New stories from old stories, under stories, cover stories.